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On our website you will find information and news about the Study of Religion at the University of Bayreuth.

The study of religion is an empirical discipline that takes a non-confessional perspective towards religious worldviews across continents. The discipline draws on history, anthropology, sociology, cultural studies, philosophy, linguistics and other methodologies to investigate religion, religiosity, and secularity in contemporary societies. In its methodological commitment to examine religious behavior and belief outside of any particular religious viewpoint the study of religion fundamentally differs from theology and other normative approaches to religion.

With its professorships that focus on religious life in contemporary Europe, contemporary Islam, religions of Africa, and global entanglements, the study of religion at the University of Bayreuth prides itself in engaging with contemporary religious culture from a global historical perspective.

XXXV. Annual Conference of the DVRW

It's our great pleasure to host the XXXV. Annual Conference of the DVRW at Bayreuth University in September 2023!

You can find all recent information on the conference website.

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