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Guest lecture of Prof. Dr. Bettina Schmidt (University of Wales) 

07. December 2022, 6 p.m. (s.t.)
Room: GW II - S 5

Gastvortrag Prof. Dr. Schmidt

Study of Religion invites you to the following guest lecture:  

„African-derived Religions as Sites of Memory: A Critique against Syncretism“ 

African-derived religions have been long described as prime example of syncretic religions. However, syncretism is a highly contested term because the notion of ‘pure roots’ within syncretic constructs led to misinterpretation of religions created during the colonial times. Based on African-derived religions the lecture will show that we should say goodbye to ‘syncretism’ and instead embrace the creativity of the religions as sites of memory.

Zoom-Link: https://uni-bayreuth.zoom.us/j/65159524757?pwd=Q050bk9lcC8rZjQ1dXA0TmxmTm1rUT09

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