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Date News
17.01.2024 Guest Lecture of Dr. Ken Chitwood
14.12.2023 Bavarian Culture Prize 2023
07.11.2023 2nd Colloquium On Latin America Winter Term 2023/24
07.11.2023 Guest Lecture of Prof. Dr. Füsun Alver
12.10.2023 Semester opening - winter semester 2023/2024
20.07.2023 Farewell lecture of Prof. Dr. Christoph Bochinger
19.07.2023 Movie "Strangers to Peace", Colleen Alena O'Brien (University of Saarland)
05.07.2023 "Das koloniale Bayreuth - Warum es uns auch heute noch betrifft", Bayreuther Stadtgespräch
30.06.2023 Symposium "Alawis (Arab Alevis) in Turkey and Germany: History and Current Status"
28.06.2023 "Anthropology and politics. The current situation in Peru viewed through anthropological concepts" - Lecture of Karoline Noack (University of Bonn)
21.06.2023 Redeemed, reborn, forgiven. Conversions to evangelicalism in the context of violence and civil wars in Latin America - Lecture of Ariane Kovac (University of Leipzig)
20.06.2023 Guest Lecture of Prof. Robert Launay
14.06.2023 Mafone – dance theatre for knowledge co-creation - Lecture of Valerie Gruber & Gilbert Shang Ndi (University of Bayreuth)
31.05.2023 Science Diplomacy between Bavaria and Latin America: The case of BAYLAT and its work in science and academic cooperation - Lecture of Irma de Melo-Reiners and Ricardo Hagn (FAU / BAYLAT)
24.05.2023 “The City that Perfumed the World” - Initial Insights Towards a Global History of Vanilla in Twentieth-Century Papantla, Mexico - Lecture of Francisco Lopez Vallejo (University of Bayreuth)
17.05.2023 "Cosmopolitical battles for good health in the Andes: epidemics, colonialism, and indigenous resistance in the 16th century" - Lecture of Manuel Benza Llatas (University of Bayreuth)
10.05.2023 "Messy, Heterogeneous, and Distinct: Lived Religion in Latin America Today" - Guest Lecture of Prof. Gustavo Morello (Boston College)
14.04.2023 Semester opening - summer semester 2023
12.04.2023 Job advertisment: Research Associate (m/f/d)
09.11.2022 Introduction of our new secretary Daniela Jahreiß
20.10.2022 Projekt funding concerning the critical discussion with African Studies in Germany
19.10.2022 Semester opening - winter semester 2022/2023
06.10.2022 Introductory events for first-year students - Winter Semester 2022/2023
19.05.2022 Introduction of our new Research Associate Maria Papenfuss
22.04.2022 Introduction of our new Junior Professor Dr. Benjamin Kirby
01.04.2022 Sabbatical semester – Prof. Dr. Christoph Bochinger
31.03.2022 Introductory events for first-year students - Summer Semester 2022
15.02.2022 Secretariat Prof. Bochinger has moved
19.01.2022 Public Online Panel Discussion "With the Help of God(s)? Religious Actors and Sustainable Development in Africa"
11.10.2021 Introduction of our new Research Associate Mariam Goshadze
01.10.2021 Introductory events for first-year students - Winter Semester 2021/2022
09.09.2021 Sabbatical semester – Prof. Dr. Eva Spies
05.07.2021 International Research Collaboration of the Bayreuth Humboldt Centre 2021
20.04.2021 Introduction of Our New Colleagues
23.03.2021 Job Ad: Study of Religion with a Focus on Africa (Full Time Position)
09.06.2020 Research Colloquium - Drinking the Written Qur’an – writing a diffractive ethnography
20.04.2020 Introduction of our Substitute Professor - Dr. Katharina Wilkens
02.04.2020 Sabbatical semester – Prof. Dr. Eva Spies

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