Doing Research at the Department for the Study of Religion


At Bayreuth, our goal is to integrate academic research and teaching.

Our students are involved in research processes from the beginning of their studies. Not only do they gain insights into fields of research, but  are educated to become researchers themselves. At the end of thier studies they should be qualified to complete their degreee with a high-quality research based thesis.

The main research focus of the chairs for the Study of Religion in Bayreuth is on contemporary religious fields in Germany, Europe, and beyond. Methodologically our work is anchored in qualitative research methods from the Social Sciences.

Our major research interests are in modern forms of religiosity and spirituality, modern religiosities beyond Europe, Islam in Germany, religion and ethics as well as religious non-conformism and non-religiosity.

This website shows an overview of research projects and cooperations.

Also of doctoral research projects:

- current doctoral projects

- completed doctoral projects

For further information about projects and cooperations of the chair of sociology please follow the links below:

Research at Sociology of Culture and Religion (Prof. Dr. Bernt Schnettler)


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