Shiites and Shii Religiosity in Germany

This Junior Research Group will investigate the rarely researched phenomenon of Shii religiosity in Germany. Methodologically, it is based on research on marginalised religious groups of islamicate tradition in transnational context. Its first aim is a survey of Shii actors, organisations, and ‘ritual communities’, analysing the data according to the degree and specificity of Shii discourses and practices in a German context. It will especially consider the internal diversity on the one hand as well as the connectedness into transnational networks on a European level and towards the regions of origin on the other hand. Moreover, it will be of special relevance, which role ‘Shiism’ and Shii constructions of identity play in the common Islamic field in Germany, especially considering the processes of (state-sponsored) institutionalisation of ‘Islam’.

Universität Bayreuth -